Fixed Fines Schedule

No partial payments are accepted when paying a fixed fine. No se aceptan pagos parciales cuando se paga una multa fija.

Fine TypeFine Cost
Assault by Contact$266.00
City Ordinance$166.00
Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor$266.00
Curfew Violation$266.00
Cut Across Private Driveway$139.10
Def. Equipment Head Lamps$152.00
Def. Equipment Tail Lamps$152.00
Def. Equipment Stop (brake) Lamps$152.00
D/L No Driver's License$177.10
Driver's License Expired$117.00
D/L Restriction (A) Corrective Lenses$216.10
Disorderly Conduct Affray/Fight$266.00
Disorderly Conduct Abusive Language$266.00
Disregarded Red Lights$199.10
Disregarded Stop Sign$152.10
Driving Under the Influence$299.10
Driving While License is Invalid$249.10
Drove without lights w/Required$139.10
Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of$299.00
Expired Motor Vehicle Inspection Sticker$152.00
Expired License Plates$127.00
Failure to Display Driver's License$121.00
Failure to Maintain Fin. Responsibility (No Insurance)$252.00
Failure to Attend School$286.00
Failed to Signal Lane Change$139.10
Fine TypeFine Cost
Fail to Yield Right of Way$152.10
Garage Sale Signage$176.00
Illegal Window Tint$144.00
Improper Registration$106.00
Leaving Scene of an Accident$297.10
License Plate (No Light)$132.00
License Plate (One Plate)$106.00
License Plate (Obstructed)$106.00
No Garage Sale Permit$176.00
Open Container Law$219.10
Parked in Prohibited Area$85.00
Passing a School Bus$330.00
Possession by Minor (alcohol)$266.00
Possession by Minor (tobacco)$266.00
Public Intoxication$266.00
Safety Belt (Driver)$152.00
Safety Belt (Passenger)$152.00
Safety Belt (Child under 8)$299.10
Safety Belt (Child 8-16)$299.10
Speeding$129.10 plus $5 for every mile over
Theft under $50.00$177.00
Turned Left From Wrong Lane$139.10
Unsafe Lane Change$139.10
Violation of Promise to Appear$154.00
Use of Wireless Communication Device in a School Zone$324.00