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Home to one of the largest bilingual communities along the U.S.- Mexico Border, Eagle Pass offers plenty of opportunities for business and growth. Its strategic location makes Eagle Pass the fastest route between San Antonio and major trade locations in Mexico such as Monterrey and Nava (with the largest brewery of its kind in the world). While the population within city limits is 29,487, the metropolitan area is approximately 250,000 comprised of two states and two countries. The city benefits by having a young workforce with a median age of 30 and plenty of land for growth.

Eagle Pass has two institutions of higher learning, Sul Ross University and Southwest Texas Junior College. Together they create a pipeline that consistently develops a capable workforce and provides Eagle Pass young knowledgable professionals.

Population 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Eagle Pass 26,761 27,416 27,808 28,254 28,647 29,202 29,256 29,342 29,487
Population 29,487
Median Age 30.7
Number of Companies 3,817
Total Housing 9,504
Median Household Income $41,537.00


Eagle Pass sits on the transportation corridor that connects major trade ports in Mexico like Monterrey and Nava into U.S cities like San Antonio and Houston making it ideal for logistics and international trade organizations. Additionally, one of the strongest sectors is the retail industry driven mainly by Mexican consumers who cross daily to shop and buy American products.

Property Tax Rates (2020)  
Municipal - City of Eagle Pass 0.540743
County - Maverick County 0.568700
Eagle Pass Independent School District 1.161600
Hospital 0.148960
Total Property Tax Rate 2.420003
Sales and Use Tax  
State Sales Tax 6.25%
Municipal-City of Eagle Pass 1.00%
County-Maverick County 0.5%
Maverick County Landfill 0.5%
Total Eagle Pass Sales and Use Tax 8.25%
Hotel Occupancy Tax  
State Hotel Occupancy Tax 6.00%
Municipal - City of Eagle Pass 7.00%
Total Hotel Occupancy Tax 13.00%


  Eagle Pass San Antonio Laredo
Municipality 0.540743 0.558270 0.634000
County 0.568700 0.277429 0.412000
School District 1.161600 1.530950 1.396500
Hospital 0.148960 0.276235 N/A
Community College N/A 0.149150 0.328643
Road & Flood N/A 0.023668 N/A
River Authority N/A 0.018580 N/A
Total 2.420003 2.834282 2.771143