The Economic Development Department is dedicated to advocate on behalf of the business community for a more successful business atmosphere. To do so, below are some of the free services the department can offer firms when looking to make Eagle Pass their new home.

Market Information

The Economic Development Department can help in providing current business information on items such as business climate, labor force, quality of life, infrastructure, workforce development programs, taxation, and local laws and regulations.

Regional Tours

When considering Eagle Pass, the Economic Development Department can coordinate site visitation tours tailored to your specific needs and arrange meetings with officials that will be necessary in the selection process.

Site Selection

Economic Development Department staff is readily available to assist businesses in finding the right location given site specific requirements through our partners and regional real estate agents and brokers.

Access to Consultants

Whether you are a local business looking to expand operations or a new business searching for its new headquarters, we can provide access to our business partners to make the process easier. Some of these connections include real estate brokers, law firms, lending agencies, federal and/or local governments and many others.

Funding Applications

When applying for State or Federal programs, staff can assist by providing letters of support or advocating on behalf of a business or market sector to government officials for a better outcome.


Navigating through the different incentives offered at the local, state and federal level can be overwhelming. The Economic Development staff can provide instructions and assistance in many commonly sought out incentives including the City's Chapter 380 Agreements.