Business Retention and Expansion

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Business Retention and Expansion (BR & E) is an economic development strategy used to connect with businesses to understand their needs and potential to better assist them. 

The Economic Development Department as always is committed to assisting and supporting the small businesses and the top employers in our community. In order for us to better assist you we  need to collect some information regarding your business and the Impact Covid-19 has had on it. 

Goals of BR & E 

  • Identify Business Needs
  • Identify Business opportunities for expansion
  • Connecting Business owners with our partners 
  • Providing Assistance
  • Building relationships

Please take a few minutes to answer this Business Retention and Expansion Survey with Covid-19 Impact questions. 

You can request a business visit to complete the company interview in person by clicking HERE

The information you provide is confidential and will only be used to connect you with our partners or for us to identify any specific needs or growth opportunities your business might have. 

CLICK HERE to complete the company survey.

For any question you can email: or call 830-773-1111.